Important Information about Research Opportunities in CSSL

We receive enormous amounts of unsolicted email regarding research assistantships. Unfortunately, most of it qualifies as spam (i.e. it is sent in bulk and we did not request it). Do not spam us: we will just ignore it.

Please do contact us by email, using the subject line: "Research Opportunities in CSSL?". This shows us that you have read and understood this page.

In your email, please tell us about the specific research you have done and/or interests that you have that you that fit in with the research done in the lab. Please give examples.

If you would instead prefer to make an appointment to see us in person, that is also fine.

We are reluctant to support anyone until they have worked in our lab, unofficially, for several months, though this is not a strict rule.

We are reluctant to take on MS students—we have very few projects that can be learned and completed in a year or two. Please feel free to contact us, but be aware that Ph.D. students have a large advantage.

       - for research in neuromorphic VLSI, bat echolocation, vision chips, mobile robotics, contact Prof. Horiuchi

       - for research in MEG, avian auditory modeling, ICA, or ferret auditory neurophysiology, contact Prof. Simon

Timothy Horiuchi   (last updated, September 2009)